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Advertising On Other Websites

What is it?

Advertising on other websites refers to the placement of ads and listings on third-party websites. Placements can be purchased directly from the website operators, or, through aggregators. Typically, you (the advertiser) will pay regardless of whether or not these ads produce results, just like with traditional advertising channels.

The location and design of the ads, plus their context, are critical to their success. In visually congested placement situations, click-through rates can be disappointingly low since ads become lost and are largely ignored by viewers.

Results for paid placements can normally be measured (eg. click-through rates), and under ideal circumstances, can produce qualified visitors at a reasonable $/visitor.

Where do my ads show up?

Ads can appear in graphical or text format, most commonly in the form of banner ads. Banner ads can be static or animated, and can even be delivered as "pop-ups" (possibly effective, but not recommended). 

Ads are displayed somewhere on the web site in question, normally across the top or right margin, and often appear "in rotation" with other ads. Paid listings (eg. directory listings) will appear fixed in an appropriate category location.

How much does it cost?

Most commonly, these ads are charged for on a per-1,000 impressions basis or "CPM". Pay-for-performance charge schemes (per click-through) are also starting to appear. In some cases, a flat rate will apply to have your ad or listing shown at a specific location for a set time period, for example, monthly.

There is no typical price estimate to runs ads, since the cost per impression or per placement, plus the impression run-rate can vary greatly with the site(s) involved. Costs can be controlled by setting protective budget caps and/or by purchasing fixed-price placements.

The goal is to direct spending on targeted, qualified visitors only -- with a minimum of wasted ad spending. Placements should be chosen to best reach your intended audience, and then carefully monitored to see if they produce results. Non-producing placements should be dropped or replaced with alternatives.

How do I get started?

It is recommended that you use the services of an experienced professional to locate, purchase and set up paid ad placements. Paid placements can produce very good results, but must be carefully researched and selected. It is important that your ad budget is spent as efficiently as possible, otherwise your ROI could suffer (or maybe even be negative).

We believe that paid placements can play an important role in an online marketing plan, and have seen them produce excellent results. To discuss the use of paid advertising for your website, please contact us today.

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